Wedding Photography | Minworth, Birmingham – Marvin & Kerrie

Wedding Photography | Minworth, Birmingham – Marvin & Kerrie

My August weddings kicked off with some wedding photography in Birmingham. Marvin and Kerrie married at St. Michaels in Sutton Coldfield, with a reception at the Cuttle Bridge inn at Minworth.

St. Michaels in Sutton Coldfield St. Michaels in Sutton Coldfield sign wedding rings groom and best man outside church grrom and best man before wedding confetee inside the church befoe wedding guest arriving at church before wedding wedding photography of bride before wedding bride portrait before wedding RFP_3212 RFP_3215 RFP_3218 RFP_3226 RFP_3236 wedding photography of bride and groom before wedding RFP_3251 RFP_3268 RFP_3274 RFP_3280 RFP_3284 RFP_3288 RFP_3298 RFP_3302 RFP_3306 RFP_3309 RFP_3319 RFP_3323 RFP_3348 RFP_3352 RFP_3371 RFP_3376 RFP_3400 RFP_3407 RFP_3428 RFP_3430 RFP_3435 RFP_3447 RFP_3477 RFP_3503 Wedding photography in Birmingham RFP_3556 RFP_3571 RFP_3594 RFP_3604 RFP_3613 RFP_3737 RFP_3774 RFP_3780 RFP_3783 RFP_3790 RFP_3797 RFP_3806 RFP_3813 RFP_3809 RFP_3817 RFP_3828 RFP_3824 RFP_3839 RFP_3830 RFP_3876 RFP_3883 RFP_3889 RFP_3897 RFP_3910 RFP_3915 RFP_3939 RFP_3981 RFP_4013 RFP_4053 RFP_4062 RFP_4066 RFP_4069 RFP_4072

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